Eliminate spam and email threats and maintain tamper-proof records of everything.

As antiquated as the technology is, email is vital part of business workflow day-to-day. Our mission-critical email firewall gives us the ability to provide seamless email continuity, aggressive and intelligent spam filtering, and provide tamper-proof archiving of all of your emails on a per-mailbox basis.

One of the most powerful aspects of this feature is the ability to send and receive email from your mail box even when your mail server is down. We stand between you and the rest of the internet to provide continuity, even if a server outage occurs. Additionally we provide intelligent outbound filtering and limiting to ensure that if a breach occurs, your domain reputation remains intact and uncompromised.

To sweeten the deal, we can provide highly granular or high-level reporting for quarantines, mail traffic, and all sorts of other metrics to help you keep watch over your domains.


Teach your staff how to stay staff online and make them compete for the top score.