Warning: Windows 7 may Affect Your HIPAA Compliance

The end of Windows 7 is fast-approaching, with Microsoft confirming that it will cease to provide security updates on the operating system (as well as Windows Server 2008/R2) beginning January 14, 2020. While companies will still technically be able to persist with Windows 7 by paying a significant fee each month, IT experts have warned […]

Zoom 5.0 is Here! What this means for Video Conferencing

After weeks under fire – Zoom’s response to their encryption debacle is Version 5.0. The Video Conferencing Company Zoom has been under fire in the last couple weeks due to some weaknesses that were found in their platform relating to encryption. Security Researches in March discovered a vulnerability in Zoom that allowed the company itself […]

How to Price Out a Laptop

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” Maya Angelou While we’ve been in business, we get many of the same questions on a day to day basis. Some of them are simple requests, and others are more complicated. Among all these questions, one of them […]

The Difference Between Antivirus and EDR

The digital world has changed immensely in the last 10 years, ranging from improvements in wireless communications, to increased speeds worldwide with new fiber network expansions, and development in software libraries and server technologies that have allowed virtualization of nearly any system. Along with these changes have come vast differences in the way approach the […]

How Email Has Become a Plague

If you’re anything like me, you dread waking up every day and going to work to check your inbox. Countless emails from mailing lists with coupons, newsletters, and call-to-actions all pulling you in a hundred different directions. We spend on-average almost 20 minutes a day checking our inbox during a standard 8-hour working day, adding up […]

Ransomware Resources

INFECTED BY RANSOMWARE? Believe it or not, there are resources available to help you. We understand that an infection of ransomware is a business-critical issue, and needs to be resolved as soon as possible. If you’ve received a ransomware note: Here are some resources that you can use to identify this note and help you […]

Wawa Data Breach: Security Incident Details and Updates

THE SITUATION Wawa, the convenience store and gas chain with some 850 locations operating in six eastern states and Washington, D.C., has been hit by a massive, months-long data breach that includes stolen debit and credit card numbers. The venerable Wawa, Pennsylvania-based company’s internal security staff found malware on its in-store payment processing servers on December 10, […]

Email: Considerations & Security Tips

Today we’re talking about Email, Spam, and some free ways you can help protect yourself before you invest in an Email Filter. Looking for Managed I.T. Services in the United States? Managed Services for Businesses Website: Home Page Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ReiffenbergerDotNet Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ReiffenbergerDotNet

Our Favorite… PC Cleaning Software

One of the most common questions we’ve been asked is what our favorite free cleaning software is. In this video, we’ll talk a little bit about our journey, and what we’ve found. Looking for Managed I.T. Services in the United States? https://fallstechnology.group/business/apply Website: Home Page Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ReiffenbergerDotNet Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ReiffenbergerDotNet

The True Cost of Device Slowness

Are you constantly fielding complaints from your staff about slow computers? Pulled away from your desk to troubleshoot server issues again? Unfortunately, you’re not the only one. It’s a common practice among business owners to want to do everything themselves. Small Business owners like myself LOVE to take on the role of a jack-of-all-trades. It’s […]